Garden Design Ideas and Trends for 2017

Inspiration from around the world for garden lovers and enthusiasts, trends and ideas can be used from season to season as creation never ends. Seasonally, in spring and summer you need perform more energetically, while in autumn and winter which involves less work you can enjoy less active processes.Garden Design Ideas and Trends
A devoted gardener thinks that his/her garden is never completely cultivated or developed. There is always space for creativity, using new concepts, trends, meeting the challenging climate conditions, enjoying trying different plants. So, you can make attempts in improving and refining everything from shapes to materials used, designs and colors.
Garden design of 2017 offers noteworthy ideas for giving particular vision of new landscape designs, natural materials, colors, reinterpretation imaginatively of mixture or fusion of garden elements such lawns, stones, spaces for activities, plants, garden ponds and other important things.
Garden Design IdeasUse of natural materials must be a dominating point in décor of the gardens in 2017. Designers focus on more chaotic style rather than geometric one. Besides, the tendency of natural look renews the interest in organic materials. This tendency can be noticed in fences, walkways, paving, and lighting in a garden area as well as furniture and décor.
Designers eagerly meet the requirements of clients for a more old-fashioned, natural landscape. DIY ideas are preferable. The things must look natural, real, more authentic in the eyes of the clients and designers look for new ideas to make the gardens more organic and natural. This makes atmosphere less stressful and closer to nature as it should be. If you want to try some new concept in your garden, then the organic garden with natural materials like wood, stone, sand and other tactile substances will be the best choice.Garden Design
The other garden tendency of 2017 expected to be very popular among landscape designers is color blocking which comes from the fashion. The individual separated colors on the wall or door or specific space in the garden cooperating with plants, window curtains or outdoor sofa can create the amazing effect.
The possibility to rethink the concept of lawn design is provided by the trends of the upcoming year. The concept includes: neatly mown lawn covering the great spaces of the garden. The fertilizing and pesticides use is to be minimal to prevent any environmental pollution. The alternatives offered by designers include mixes of grasses and flowers which do not need being cut, not sensitive to water deficiency and looking very natural.
Natural colors continue gaining great popularity among gardeners. The tendency is to grow plants used to make natural dyes for coloring various fabrics. These can be fruit trees, vegetables, flowers specially selected and organized for the garden to be really beautiful and harmonious.
For smaller gardens enthusiasts in design have prepared plants low in maintenance requirements but of huge blooming varieties. Shrubs are perfect solutions for small territory gardens as they are suited to little spaces, can be appropriately organized according the general scale of the garden.
Tastes change in gardening, so you should be in the know of the latest tendencies and concepts. Designers are eager to share their amazing ideas and new trends in garden design. You can start investigating their ideas right now to be ready to use them in your own creative way.


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